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5 Tips to Prevent Costly Plumbing Issues

Are you concerned with the state of your plumbing system? Are you worried that if anything goes wrong you might not be able to hire a plumber? By following these five tips, you can save money and prevent damage to your plumbing system.

Tip Number 1: Use drain screens.

Drain screens are important because they filter out anything that should be kept out of your pipes including food, waste, and trash. This small investment can save you a significant amount of money by keeping your pipes from clogging up, though they cannot completely prevent clogging issues caused by grease.

Tip Number 2: A professional product designed for septic systems.

If your home has a septic system, a septic cleaner from your local hardware store can be occasionally flushed to keep your tank working properly.

Tip Number 3: Be gentle with your faucet handles.

Forcing your faucet handles into the off or on position with too much force can cause leaks. You should turn your faucet handles just enough to stop or start the flow of water.

Tip Number 4: Keep your pipes well insulated.

If you live in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures, your pipes are at risk of busting. When water freezes, it expands significantly and can bust your pipes, leading to costly repairs. You can also leave the cabinet doors open under your sink or around where any pipes are located. It may be hard to believe something so simple could prevent your pipes freezing, but the warmer temperature of your house can help just enough to keep your indoor pipes safe.

Tip Number 5: Your disposal system isn’t invincible.

Avoid putting hard substances down your disposal such as bones or seeds, and always be sure to check that nothing has accidently slipped into it (especially silverware) before turning it on.

We hope these five simple plumbing tips will help save you time, money, and frustration. Should you need an extra hand, the professionals at West End Plumbing are always here to help. Ask the Plumber!

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