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Water Quality Residential Plumber

Water Purifier and Filtration System- The advantage of having a water purifier and filtration system is that it removes small particles like iron, chlorine and sediment from your drinking water. In doing so it also eliminates most chlorine taste and odor. Water filtration systems also help to eliminate water corrosion and stains on your plumbing fixtures. Home water filtration systems save you money from having to buy expensive bottles of water and saving our landfills as well. Filtration systems range in size and can be applied to many areas. You can filter all of the water coming into your home, or just your sink, or ice makers. Our premier brand is Bestech, which uses a silver impregnated carbon filter that is EPA approved. It not only removes sediment and chlorine it also removes organic elements like arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, copper and many other elements.

Water Softener- If you are experiencing hard water problems such as magnesium, calcium, or other minerals in your water, then a water softener is your solution. “Softening” the water will eliminate hard water stains on fixtures and dishes and stop mineral build-up in your pipes, hot water tank, and appliances. Let us help you choose the appropriate water softener for you based on your current daily usage and water quality. Softer water in your house will mean your soap will lather better, your dishes will clean easier, better water for brushing your teeth, increased life of your fabrics when using your washing machine, protects plumbing fixtures, maintains water heater efficiency, and many other positive benefits.

Water Quality Residential Plumber Coral springs