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4 Reasons to Schedule Water Heating Maintenance

Water Heating Maintenance In Sunrise

Hot water is one of those things you take for granted and forget about, but the second it’s gone you begin to wonder how you ever lived without it. If you’ve ever been forced to take a freezing cold shower because your water heater wasn’t working, you know just how important it is that your heater works year-round.

Below are 4 of the biggest reasons to schedule water heater maintenance in Sunrise regularly so that your water heater remains working when you need it most.

Maintains Water Pressure

The piping in your home that carries water from the heater to your faucet or shower is very precisely sized and fitted. Any change in the amount of water that can pass through due to sediment in the water building up affects the internal pressure within the pipes. This can lead to more pressure, increasing the risk of pipes bursting or leaks forming that can simply lower water pressure or worse – cause flooding.

Maintenance will allow the repair expert to evaluate your piping and water pressure to ensure that things are working properly, avoiding leaks, bursts, or buildup.

Improves Heating Efficiency

Similar to the sediment buildup in your pipes, your water heater’s heating chamber can also experience blockages from various minerals in the water. This sediment sinks to the bottom of the heating area, blocking the water from the source of the heat and leading to longer heating times.

With expert maintenance, you can have the heating chamber cleared of sediment to maximize the heating potential of the water heater.

Protects from Disasters

Any time you’re working with water, rusting, corrosion, and other damage is going to be a concern. Add in gas from gas water heaters and you’ve got a whole new danger being presented. If pipes are ill-fitting, bursts occur, or other damage happens, over time it can lead to a total breakdown of your heating system. This can lead to full pipe bursts & flooding, gas leaks, and in some cases an exploding water heater.

Disasters can’t always be avoided, but regular water heater maintenance allows these problems to be addressed before they get worse.

Saves Money

While water heaters are expensive, the average water heater will last between 8-12 years, with well-maintained models reaching 15 or more. For a fraction of the cost of a new water heater, you can have regular maintenance to not only avoid any problems from arising, but also to extend the life of your heater and avoid needing to spend the money on a new one.

If you want to ensure that you’ve always got hot water, West End Plumbing can help. With nearly 20 years of experience providing water heater maintenance in Sunrise, they’ve worked with every type of water heater from every brand. Whether you’re looking to keep your water heater running like new or get a new one installed, check them out at West End Plumbing.

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