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Residential Bathroom Plumbing Services

Your bathroom can be an oasis in your home. From repairing your existing fixtures to complete remodelling and everything in between, let us help you create the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Have a plumbing problem in your bathroom, we can help with that, too!

Residential bathroom Plumbing

Sinks / Vanities

The sink is an anchor of your kitchen, a necessity in your bathroom and useful in laundry rooms and wet bars. When choosing your sink you should know what type of sink suits your specific needs. There are different types of sinks including drop-in, under mount, flush mount, pedestal, and free standing. All of which come in a variety of materials, styles and colors. The most popular being stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain coated steel, china, composite, and acrylic. When choosing your sink type, make sure to check to see if it will fit with your vanity/counter. If you are unsure, please ask us for assistance in selecting the perfect one for your home. Repairs to the sink itself aren’t usually necessary but supplying you with your new sink and installing it is our pleasure. We also have a full line of accessories to match or accompany your bathroom like soap dispensers, sink stoppers, tissue holders, grab bars, robe hooks, basin protectors and towel racks. We install such popular brands as Franke, Blanco, Kohler, American Standard, and more.


The faucet is the “icing on the cake” when it comes to accessories for your sink. It is a focal point that everyone notices. You want to choose a faucet that expresses your own personal style while picking the right size and one that has the right functions for your specific needs. There are many to choose from such as the single handle, double handle, touch-less, and pull out spray. Fixtures come in many finishes as well such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished stainless, just to name a few. There is a great variety in the eco friendly water saving types as well. When looking at faucets you want to look at affordability as well as style. We supply all major brands which is why we can find the style you prefer in the price range you need. We supply and install all types of faucets from kitchen sink and bathroom faucets to shower heads. Moen, Delta, Grohe, Kohler, Pegasus and Price Phister are just some of the brands we install.

Toilets / Bidets

When choosing your toilet keep in mind that you are buying what is probably the most personal of all your plumbing items. You want something that is comfortable while maintaining the style that your prefer. That is why we provide you with every style toilet that you could want from the standard round to elongated bowl. We install low flow and ultra low flow for our eco-friendly customers. We can provide you with any type toilet you prefer, even water-less, tank-less, flushometer toilets and urinals. We offer the best in seats as well, with standard, self closing, French curve and padded. We also have seat warmers available for install or a built in bidet. We repair and install Kohler, Briggs, American Standard, Glacier Bay, Pegasus, Gerber, Toto, and many others.


What better place to relax away your day than in a peaceful bath? From basic to Roman to whirlpool massaging jets, we install all major brands and tub models. We can provide you with any bathtub to suit your individual needs and personal style preferences. All of the bathtubs we install come in an assortment of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes.


Like bathtubs, showers also come in many styles. There are infinite ways they can be customized to meet your own personal needs. Many shower fixtures have multiple functions to offer versatility for all showering environments. Flush mounts, tiles, handhelds, massaging spray, aerated spray, concentrated spray, waterfalls, rain shower heads, and many other varieties and spray options. Let us help you choose the perfect shower environment for you.


Whether your shower is draining too slow or your sink is stopped up, we can help clear the way.
Liquid drain cleaners can often make the problem worse. When plunging doesn’t work, it is always best to call a professional.