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At West End Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide fast, effective, and affordable service to the Weston area (and beyond) for just about any plumbing task. Whether you need repairs or brand-new gear installed at your home or business, we’re able to get to you within the hour for emergencies as well as same day for many other services. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

If you’re interested in learning more about some of our specialties for residential and commercial properties, keep reading or feel free to give us a call at 954-741-5271.

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The kitchen is a focal point of both residential and restaurant plumbing systems, with sinks, ice makers, refrigerators, dish washers, and other appliances all requiring a water connection or sewage connection. This means that the pipes feeding your kitchen are under stress often, making damage more likely to occur (especially when you consider the constantly changing hot and cold water running through the pipes). Your kitchen drains are also highly prone to clogging due to food remnants from dishes getting caught in the pipe, which can lead to backups back into the sink – gross!

To treat this, we can unclog drains without risking further damage (or install a garbage disposal to avoid future buildup). If you’re experiencing lower water pressure than normal, we can identify and address the problem before it bursts. Additionally, we can also inspect and, if necessary, repair or replace pipes that are worn out to lower the chances of a leak appearing.

Looking to add a new sink, wet bar, or refrigerator as part of your kitchen remodel? Upgrading the kitchen in your restaurant? As residential kitchen plumbers in Sunrise, we install and service all the leading brands, helping you to cut renovation time down and ensuring everything is done correctly to avoid problems later on.


Nobody likes to talk about bathrooms, but plumbing plays a crucial role in their effectiveness and cleanliness. Toilets are often used multiple times a day, with unflushables (“flushable” wipes, paper towels, foods, etc.) often finding their way down the drain. These can get stuck in the sewage pipes, reducing the strength of the toilet’s flushing and potentially leading to backup or more clogs in the future. Sinks also get clogged from drinks that are dumped out, toothpaste, and more that accumulates in the bottom of the pipe, slowing the draining of water.

If your toilet isn’t flushing like it used to, there may be a clog deeper than you can see. We can work to unclog sewage pipes in your toilet, restoring it to its normal flushing power and avoiding clogs in the future (as long as you’re careful about what you flush!). Have a sink that takes a few seconds to drain entirely? The pipes are likely clogged, and the debris will need to be removed to restore normal flow. We’re equipped to do just that without the use of chemicals that can cause further damage.

Water Heaters

Your water heater is where all hot water begins, allowing it to be heated and transferred to whatever tap you turn on. These complex heaters come in gas and electric models that are dangerous to mess with yourself, making it important that you allow a professional plumber in Sunrise like us to handle repairs and installation. Whether your hot water is taking longer than normal, you’re running out too easily, or your gas bill is too high, we can help restore your unit to working condition – or replace it with a model that better fits your home or business. West End Plumbing provides water heater plumbing services to Weston and all of South Florida. Call us today for a free quote!