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What not to Flush down your Toilet

While we all know what is supposed to be flushed, there are items that do not belong in the toilet that you probably didn’t realize should not be flushed.

Flushable wipes while convenient and sanitary may not break down in a timely fashion and can still cause a back up in your pipes. The same is true for most feminine sanitary products.  This problem can often be cleared by simply plunging, but when plunging doesn’t work we can send a plumber to your home to resolve the issue.

Another toilet villain is toilet freshening tablets. These are usually placed in the inside of the tank itself. The problem can occur when these begin to break apart and may block the tank from filling properly causing your toilet to run and raising your water bill. The only toilet fresheners we recommend are the gel type that simply dissolve and will cause no damage to your tank or basin.

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