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Preventative Maintenance for Toilets


What to do when your toilet is overflowing – Stop it! The valve located below and behind your toilet should be shut off immediately to avoid a major flood in your home.  This also applies to most sinks in your home.

Toilet freshening tablets are bad for your toilet. Most of these tablets can break off into pieces and cause the inner workings of your toilet to not work properly leading to a running or clogged toilet. The only toilet freshener that is West End Plumbing approved is the Mr. Clean bowl cleaner. This is a gel instead of a tablet that will not harm your toilet in any way.

When the toilet doesn’t flush at all – This means that the handle is loose or broken or that the chain inside the toilet is not connected properly. If you have connected the chain and your toilet is still not flushing then a broken handle is the probable culprit.

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