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Residential Water Heater Services

Residential Water Heater Services
Professional Prestige Series: Hybrid Heat Pump
Your water heater may be the single most important appliance in your home. It is what provides hot water to your showers, baths, sinks, and laundry machines. It is very important to choose the right size and strength for your home. Our professionals are excellent at helping you pick the right style and size for your home and/or business. We will deliver and install your new water heater to you once you have made your selection.  We will dispose of the old unit after complete installation.

Some of the brands that we install and repair are Rheem, Ruud, A. O. Smith, Bradford White, State, G.E., Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Premier. Water heaters are powered by a variety of sources such as electric, solar, natural gas, and L.P. gas (liquefied petroleum gas).  We offer all types of models, the most popular being standard and tankless, we also offer power vent and direct vent. All heaters since 2003 are FVIR or flame lock systems.

Electric, Gas and Tankless. We repair all make and model water heaters. All of our new installation water heaters come with a 1 year parts & labor warranty and a 6 year manufacturers tank warranty. Both may be extended to a 2 year parts & labor warranty and a 10 year manufacturers tank warranty. We install quality Rheem water heaters standard. Available we also install Bradford White and for our tankless heaters we install EMax.

All water heaters come factory set at 120° Fahrenheit.  If this is not a comfortable temperature for your household, please speak with your technician about adjusting the setting at the time of installation.

Problems that occur with water heaters include- no hot water, water not hot enough, hot water running out quickly, hot water taking too long to get to the bathroom, and/or the water heater making a rumbling, hissing, rattling or whistling sound.  There are many components of a hot water heater that may cause these problems and need maintenance or repair.  These include items such as thermostats, elements, thermocouples, burner assemblies, drain valves, temperature and pressure relief (t & p ) valves, anno rods, dip tubes, heat traps, blower motors, and exhaust fans.  Should any of these items need repair or replacement, please call a professional to ensure the work is done properly.

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