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How to become a plumber

Steps that you need to take to Become a Plumber

If you are thinking of becoming a plumber, you have picked a great career. Plumbing is a growing field that offers you many opportunities for income growth and success. With the advancement of technology, our world is continuing to grow larger in every aspect, making the demand for plumbers grow every year. Plumbing is also one of the safest fields to pursue, and job security is something that we all hope for these days. There are steps that you need to take to become a plumber:


  • You need to receive your High School Diploma OR GED.
  • Go to the closest Technical College and speak with an advisor about the credentials or classes you will need to become a plumber. Your advisor will help you with your class schedule so that you only take what you need.


  • Shadow a plumber for at least 144 hours while they are on the job. There’s no better preparation for a new job than watching someone experienced show you the way things need to be done. The better the plumber, the more prepared you will be.
  • Have the plumber that you decide to shadow on the job sign something saying that you have completed your 144 hours.

Get Certified

  • Make sure you have your high school diploma or GED ready, have completed all college courses necessary for plumbing knowledge, and have been signed off for your 144 hours.
  • Sign up for the Journeyman Plumber’s exam.
  • Take the exam and pass it.
  • You are now a certified plumber!

When applying to college, there might be additional requirements, such as having a clean record and mandatory drug testing. Do not be afraid to ask your college advisor questions about your requirements for success. Keep your head up! You are only steps away from having an amazing job.

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